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Part D Medicare is a very specific kind of medical coverage. Though it has many lines of fine print that further identify what its primary purpose is, Part D Medicare is solely set up to cover the costs of prescription medication that medical beneficiaries need to purchase. However, not everyone is eligible for Part D Medicare coverage. In fact, only a select few beneficiaries are able to even claim the benefits of this particular section of coverage. Medicare in itself has been very exclusive as to who is eligible to get certain benefits. This being the case, understanding what kinds of coverage are available, primarily Part D Medicare, you can better determine if this coverage is for you and whether or not you would qualify for this section of Medicare Part D coverage.

Who is Eligible

There are two groups of people that are eligible for Part D Medicare coverage. Though there is no reason and no way for you to understand all of the specifics of every possible type of coverage that there is. It would be a waste of your time if you were to look into every kind of coverage because chances are you would not qualify for the majority of them. This means that you could spend hours reading about dozens of policies, most of which have nothing to do with you because there is no way for you to qualify for those types. This being the case, all you need to do is understand some of the basics about who generally can qualify for this kind of Part D Medicare coverage.

The first type that qualifies for Part D are people that are currently on an A plan. This is a very basic type of Medicare that only covers inpatient hospital visits and treatments. So if you are in and out without staying overnight, Medicare Part A does not apply. If you are currently getting A insurance, you are eligible for D coverage. However, Medicare A coverage will not cover more than 100 consecutive days, so you cannot stay in the hospital indefinitely on Medicare's dime. Then, after you have been out of the hospital for 60 days or more, you can stay once again up to a new 100 days.

The second type of person that would qualify for Medicare Part D coverage are those who currently are on the B coverage plan. This is basically the opposite of A in that it covers outpatient fees. This means that if you have to stay in the hospital overnight, you will not be covered by this kind of coverage. The only difference here is that you are not covered for all of the extra expenses that you would incur if you had been there overnight, but you do have greater coverage for outpatient resources. This kind of coverage also works for out of the hospital equipment such as crutches, wheelchairs and eyeglasses. There are many rules stating who can or cannot get these two kinds of coverage, so getting one or the other will change from place to place.

How to Get It

But the question remains, how do you get Part D Medicare coverage? If you already have one or the other of the above mentioned types of coverage, all you need to do is contact your Medicare agent and ask for an application for Part D coverage. You can get Part D only, which is cheaper in deductable and co-pay restrictions, or you can get Part C, which includes medical coverage further as well as prescription medications. Once you have the application, you can fill it out and send it in to get on the D coverage. This process will change from place to place since every state has its own restrictions. You just need to find out what restrictions there are on Part D Medicare coverage in your area.

There are many specifics to consider when you are looking into getting Part D Medicare coverage. When you are going in to getting a type of coverage like this, you want to make sure that you have all of the information possible. The last thing that you want to do is get into a situation where you find yourself without the right kind of coverage simply because you did not do any of the work necessary to figure out what would be needed in order for you to get the right kind. Because there are so many specifics, you would be well advised to contact a local representative and get some more information about those specifics in your area so that there are no surprises in store when you go in for a visit, especially when you are having to purchase large amounts of expensive medication for a single sickness.

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