Washington Medicare Part D

Washington Medicare Part D is a supplementary plan that can be added to your original Washington Medicare plan. The purpose of Part D is to help patients lower their costs of purchasing prescriptions so that they will always know they can get the medication that they need. For many Washington residents, the idea of not having life saving medication when it is needed is terrifying, and all too common. If you are already struggling to make ends meet, how can you be expected to pay hundreds of dollars a month for insulin or heart medication or any other medication you may be using? Washington Medicare Part D plans will help to ease your mind of that worry by making your prescriptions affordable.

Applying for Part D

There is no need to submit an application to be enrolled in Washington Medicare Part D. If you are accepted in to a WA Medicare plan, you are automatically deemed eligible to be enrolled in the Part D supplementary plan. From there, it is up to you to either accept the additional coverage or not. If you do choose to accept your enrollment in WA Medicare Part D, you will be asked to pay an additional monthly premium for that coverage.

The amount of your premium will be determined by how much you make, what your other expenses are, and what your prescription needs are. You have the option of applying for no cost premiums if you have enough of a need for help with your prescriptions. In general, the more you want your Washington Medicare Part D supplementary plan to cover in terms of prescriptions, the higher the monthly cost will be. The important thing for you to remember here is that if you are eligible for Medicare in Washington, then you will be eligible for the Part D plan in Washington as well.

Medicare Advantage

After you have applied for and been accepted to the overall plan in Washington, and you have decided that you want to accept enrollment in to the supplementary WA plan as well, you may find that you are still having a hard time covering the costs of your medical expenses. Washington Medicare Part D is designed to help patients pay for their prescriptions, but this plan doesn't help with the cost of going to a doctor and getting that prescription in the first place.

Not all patients need to make repeated visits to a doctor. Some patients are able to go to a doctor once or twice a year, renew their prescriptions, and just rely on Washington Medicare and their Part D supplement after those visits. Other patients need to make regular, ongoing visits to their doctor in order to monitor their progress through a recovery or through a treatment. Washington Medicare Part D might not be enough for these patients to help with all of their costs. For them, there is the option to also apply for and enroll in the Advantage supplementary program. That program is specifically designed to help cover the costs of doctor's visits, and can provide a patient with enough assistance to get all of the medical care they need.

Determining Your Costs

There are several factors that go in to determining how much your monthly premium will be for your Washington Medicare Part D supplementary plan. Many of these plans have a standard deductible of a few hundred dollars that needs to be met before you can start enjoying the full benefits of the plan. There are some plans that don't have a deductible, however. There are also plans that don't have a monthly premium attached to them. Determining if you are eligible for these additional savings will be based on your monthly income and your need.

The purpose of Washington Medicare Part D plans, the original plan, and every other supplementary plan is to make sure that patients who need help getting the medical care they need get that help. The thought of not being able to go to a doctor when you need to or pick up a prescription you need to manage your illness or get better is terrifying. The people who run these programs want to make sure that as many people as possible don't have to have that worry hanging over their shoulder every day. When you apply for the original program and consider any of the supplementary programs, you will need to submit your income information so that they can determine what your fair share of costs should be.

Washington Medicare Part D is designed to help you cover the costs of your prescriptions. Once you have successfully accepted this program, you will have the peace of mind that comes from knowing you won't have to stress over how to get your medicine, you can just get your medicine.

Medicare Part D
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